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We are a reliable and secure proof-of-stake provider. We joined the Graph in the testnet phase and finished TOP 5 in earnings (thanks to the correct allocation balancing to maximize the indexing rewards).

We don’t want to change rewards and fee cut % drastically. We aim to build a trustworthy and stable position so delegators feel confident in us. We didn’t choose to set any cooldown period yet because we are still considering to change cuts dynamically based on delegation amount. That way, the delegators would always earn the same percentage regardless of the total delegated sum.

We will be delighted if you choose to delegate to us.

Indexer ID: 0xa543abe0ea61b4bbbca3f402442bda4bf7d45992 (https://network.thegraph.com/)

Website: https://www.swiftstaking.com

Telegram: https://t.me/swiftstaking