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About Syncnode:

SyncNode is a Romanian based software development company, with experience in building telecommunications and blockchain infrastructure, cybersecurity solutions and running validators and nodes on multiple chains.

We have worked with clients all around the world, including IBM, Rexel, and Alstom, and we support our vision of raising awareness for computing security and data integrity. SyncNode’s validator services run on a number of networks, like: Cosmos, CELO, Solana, IRIS, Terra, xDAI, and we have demonstrable experience in building and maintaining server infrastructure to provide maximum uptime for our clients. Also we run a reliable and trusted node for the Chainlink decentralized oracle network.

We participated on all stages of The Graph testnet and we are confident that the accumulated experience will allow us to run the infrastructure at highest standards and expectations.

SyncNode will use this experience to build a reliable and trusted indexer for The Graph, which will be operated to the same standards that our other validating services adhere to.

Stay in touch with us here:

Telegram: https://t.me/syncnodeValidator
Blog: https://medium.com/syncnode-validator
Wallet Web Site: https://wallet.syncnode.ro/