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This profile was written by the indexer. Our website has no association with the indexers listed, and can not vouch for the information. is a joint venture of like minded, long term oriented, testnet Indexers. We have demonstrated top performance during testnet, constantly leading Indexing Rewards and Query Fees returns on allocations.

We have two indexers available for delegations:

grassets-tech-1 0x45874192929530cd4e3dd0624df05bee3c13974f
This indexer has Fee Cut and Rewards Cut locked until late April 2021. Effective fees on delegation are dynamic and depend on the amount of delegated GRT.

grassets-tech-2 0x720a98087160bfdb282f695abe6f9ac966b03d43
This indexer has indicative Fee Cut and Rewards Cut. On this indexer we do calculations for you and adjusting reward cuts to ensure charges on delegation earning do not exceed 20%.

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