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Alpha Virtual

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Alpha Virtual
We are a diverse team of developers, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts with the goal to provide secure and reliable staking services for a myriad of blockchain networks. With a background is in edtech, fintech, network security, and cryptocurrency mining we have since transitioned to investing and blockchain infrastructure. We always self-stake a substantial investment into any blockchain project we support; so you can be assured we have plenty of "skin in the game".

The Graph
INDEXER: alphavirtual.eth | 0x4bbf-065318
Delegation rewards delivered each epoch
We first became interested in The Graph during the Trustless 2020 Conference in February 2020 and followed the project closely until the launch of the testnet. We had the opportunity to participate in all phases of the testnet as an indexer and curator. We believe The Graph brings a novel solution to the blockchain ecosystem with its APIs for a vibrant decentralized future, and we have several projects in the works to continue to support The Graph ecosystem.

  • Enterprise-grade infrastructure hosted across multiple cloud and co-location providers in multiple geographical regions to achieve constant operation of our indexers
  • Redundant load-balanced and monitored node infrastructure with no single point of failure.
  • Third-party audited security.
  • Three nines uptime SLA.
  • Physical data centers with geo-redundancy
  • Hybrid multi-cloud approach for scalability.
  • We also actively run nodes in the following blockchain projects:
    • Celo
    • Elrond
    • Ethereum 2.0 (Prysm & Stkr)
    • Harmony
    • Matic
    • Mina
    • NuCypher
    • Pocket
    • Polkadot
    • Solana
    • Stacks
    • Tezos

We are in the process of re-branding our website and social media, but feel free to contact me directly for any questions or concerns: