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Founded in early 2019, Chainode Tech is a young, extremely motivated and experienced team based in Zug, Switzerland, that is focused on providing staking and validator services on cutting edge Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) protocols. Driven by the motivation of bringing decentralization in the real world and with the experience of getting to know the blockchain space since 2014, we decided that it was time to get actively involved in the space as Chainode Tech and to vote with our knowledge and services projects that we believe in and see as technically pertinent of growing the decentralized space. We don’t make no compromise when it comes to the resources we invest and quality of services we provide.

Our team, Chainode Tech, joined The Graph since the Phase 0 of Mission Control, an incentivized Testnet Network where we had the chance to operate nodes and optimize our infrastructure, complete various missions and contribute to building and improving The Graph Network ahead of the Mainnet launch. We dedicated a substantial amount of time and hardware resources to the Graph Testnet in order to test various scenarios and architectures. As a Validator that already joined various highly performant blockchain projects since Testnet phases, like Solana, KAVA, Avalanche, Akash, SKALE or Stafi, we were really impressed and pleased to see such a high interest for The Graph from the Validators community. If you would ask our team about The Graph, the answer would be that The Graph is a truly revolutionary and one of the most exciting projects developing in 2020.

On the Graph Mainnet we aim to continue to provide our top-notch services with which our delegators, partners and supporters are already familiar on all the Web 3.0 networks we support. By being completely open and transparent, delegators can feel confident in our Indexer services, like for example not being worried about our technical performance or a sudden increase of the fees. We will always inform ahead our community about our major decisions so that they won’t be impacted in any negative way by them.

Indexer: chainodetech.eth
Indexer address: 0x3eb3297b0e34a7897aa004b66a354053425f7894

We value our delegators and community so we kindly invite you to stay in touch with us on the following social media channels in order to benefit of full transparency:


Looking forward to get in contact with you and have you in our crew!