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We are a Munich-based, Web 3.0 infrastructure, and service provider. We run industry-grade, highly secure physical infrastructure co-located in top-notch, certified data centers within reach of our company headquarters. Guaranteed uptime, biometric security, and redundant power supply reinforce a continuous and secure operation. Through our state-of-the-art monitoring, we always know about the status of our servers and are alerted immediately if any abnormalities occur. For our customers, we offer non-custodial delegation services, personal support, and tools for a variety of thoroughly vetted public Proof-of-Stake blockchains.

Ever since its inception, we have successfully participated in The Graphs' incentivized testnet, Mission control as a top 10 indexer, and achieved the highest rebate ratio in performance phases. To offer our delegators the best strategy, we run two indexer nodes: On our first node, we test experimental indexer staking strategies and then apply our learnings on our primary node, with a goal towards maximized, stable staking efficiency. We are honored to have our Infrastructure Lead, Gary Morris, as an Indexer Representative within the Graph Council.

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